Bela Fleck 4-23-99 Aerial Theatre



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We had front row tickets at the new Aerial Theatre in Houston for this Bela Fleck show.   This was my first time out with the Olympus D400 digital camera.  The digital camera doesn't allow you to adjust the shutter speed, so you end up getting pictures with 'trails' and you are susceptible to camera movement problems as well. Sometimes that movement and the trails actually adds to the 'atmosphere' of the picture!   We recorded this show as well, so we had the total multi-media recording setup in the front row.

Stomping Grounds
Let Me Be The One
Scratch 'N Sniff
Victor Solo
night in tunisia
amazing grace
African Vic
Future Man
Big Country
Almost 12
Who's Got 3
Bela's Medley

Sinister Minister