Down From The Mountain 8/9/02 CW Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands TX

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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use my 'normal' camera for this show, since the camera nazis at the Woodlands Pavilion were serious about the no-camera policy for this show. As a result, I had to use a smaller, fully-automatic camera, that just didn't have the control needed to get really great pictures.  

Intro (Rodney Crowell)
Po Lazarus (Fairfield Four)
Big Rock Candy Mountain (Norman Blake)
You Are My Sunshine (Norman & Nancy Blake)
Every Time You Say Goodbye (Union Station)
Let Me Touch You For A While (Union Station)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Dan Tyminsky &...)
Songbird (Emmylou Harris)
Angel's Rejoice (Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell)
Pancho & Lefty (EH,RC,JD,AK)
Leaving Louisiana In Broad Daylight (Rodney Crowell)
Feet On The Ground (Rodney Crowell)
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Chris Thomas King)
Burn Down The Liquor Store (Chris Thomas King)
Soon In The Morning Blues (Chris Thomas King)
Nobody But The Baby (Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Patty Loveless)
In The Highways (Peasall Sisters)
I'll Fly Away (Peasall Sisters)


Tribute To Peadar O'Donnel> (Jerry Douglas)
Hogs Out (Jerry Douglas)
Down To The River & Pray (Union Station)
I'll Remember You My Love In My Prayers (Dan Tyminski & Union Station)
Linda Lou (Nashville Bluegrass Band)
Angeline The Baker (Nashville Bluegrass Band)
Rise When The Rooster Crows (Norman & Nancy Blake)
Precious Memories, The Songs I Used To Hear (Norman & Nancy Blake)
Tumblin' Tumbleweed (The Whites)
Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling (The Whites w/Alison Krauss)
Keep On The Sunny Side (The Whites)
Lonesome Valley (Fairfield Four)
Pretty Little Miss (Patty Loveless)
Never Leave Harlan Alive (Patty Loveless)
O Death (Ralph Stanley)
Girl From Greenbriar Shore (Ralph Stanley)
Pretty Polly (Ralph Stanley)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Ralph Stanley)

Angel Band (All)
Amazing Grace (All)