Nelson/Rowan 6-8-00 Austin


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David Nelson Band
w/Peter Rowan's Texas Trio 6/8/00
Mercury Lounge, Austin Tx

Peter Rowan's Texas Trio:
Dust Bowl Children
Tin Roof
The Hobo Song
Panama Red
Jerusalem Ridge*
The Walls Of Time*
Shackles & Chains*
Midnight Moonlight*
Fetch Wood & Carry Water*
Land Of The Navajo*
Pullin' The Devil By The Tail*

*w/Barry Sless on Pedal Steel

David Nelson Band:

Long Gone Sam
Road Is Rockin'
Film At 11
Freight Train Boogie w/Billy Bright
No Woman No Cry w/Rowan & Billy
Lonesome LA Cowboy w/Rowan & Billy
Der Amanap w/Rowan & Billy
Panama Red w/Rowan & Billy
I Can't Help It w/Rowan & Billy
Rag Mama Rag
Fable of a Chosen One
Wizard's Son
Edge of the Wire
Kick In The Head


Photos from 6/7/00 Houston show...
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