Seldom Scene 8-6-85 Rockefeller's


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This show 8/6/85 at Rockefeller's in Houston turned out to be the one and only Houston appearance for Seldom Scene. Rockefeller's held 325 people at capacity, so the venue was small enough for me to get up close and get some really good pictures.  I took these with my Konica camera, and scanned them just recently to bmp format.

For those of you who are interested, here's what they played (hopefully I've got all the song titles right):

Early Show: Georgia Rose, Muddy Waters, Come Early Morning, Pickaway, Wait A Minute, Old Train, Remington Ride, Something In The Wind, House Of The Rising Sun, Through Bottom Of The Glass, House Of Gold, Another Lonesome Morning, Weary Pilgrim, I Know You Rider (E) Will Circle Be Unbroken?

Late Show: Foreign Wind, Workin' On A Building, Take Him In, ?, Small Exception Of Me, Ride Me Down Easy, Corey, Grandfather's Clock, When A Girl I Know, City Of New Orleans, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Open Up The Window, Tennessee Traveller, Sunshine, By The Railroad Line, Lay Down Sally, California Cottonfields, Doing My Time, Blue Suede Shoes, Turns Me Inside Out