SCI 5/6-8/99 Austin Tx.



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Another dual bill show with Gov't Mule.  There were three shows at Stubbs.   Most of the really good photos came from Friday 5/7/99, during the sunset acoustic set.   (That's ME! in the third picture on the top row, first person on the left. Here are the set lists...

05/06/99 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
Little Hands> Jam> Rhum 'n' Zouc, Howlin' at The Moon> Midnight Rider tease, Franklin's Tower/Blue Sky Jam> 100 Year Flood> Shine> Blackberry Blossom> Jam> The Other One Jam> Blackberry Blossom
Encore 1: *It Hurts Me Too, *Jingo
Encore 2: Round The Wheel> Restless Wind
(*with Warren Haynes and Alan Woody of Gov't Mule)

05/07/99 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
I: Lester had a Coconut, Nine Pound Hammer> Dudley's Kitchen, Workin', Chili Dawg, Black Clouds

II: A poem by Lester, *She Caught The Katy, *I Shot the Sheriff, **Impressions> Sitting On Top Of The World, Suntan, Mrs. Brown's Teahouse, Birdland> San Jose
(Set One was an acoustic set)
(* with Warren Haynes & Allen Woody of Gov't Mule)
(** with Warren Haynes)
(SCI played an acoustic set at dusk, then played thier electric set after Govt Mule's evening show around midnight)

05/08/99 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
Mouna Bowa, *Hey Pockey Way, Mtn Girls, Smile> Dulcimer Jam> Third Stone from The Sun Jam> Come Together Jam> Gimme Some Lovin' Jam> Come As You Are, Whiskey before Breakfast, Bigger Isn't Better, Roll Over, Johnny Cash> Amazing Grace> Johnny Cash
Encore: Jellyfish> Jam> I Know You Rider
(* with Warren Haynes and Allen Woody of Gov't Mule)
(with Jamie Janover on percussion)