SCI 5/5/99 Dallas Tx.



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This show was played with Gov't Mule opening and sitting in for part of the SCI set. 

05/05/99 Arcadia Theatre, Dallas, TX
Rhythm of The Road, Missing Me> Slide Jam> Mouna Bowa> Come Back Home, Footprints, Roll Over, *Voodoo Chile> *Jingo> *Voodoo Chile> *Can't You See jam> *Texas
Encore: **I Shall Be Released, ***Mtn Girls, ^So What, ^^Superstitious
(after 'Missing Me', Jamie Janover played on percussion for most of the show)
(* with Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule on guitar)
(** with Warren Haynes on lead vocal and guitar, and Alan Woody (Gov't Mule) on Keith's bass; (without Keith)
(*** with Warren on guitar and Alan on mandolin, with Keith back on bass)
(^ with Warren and Alan on guitars, Matt Abts (Gov't Mule) and Jamie on drums)
(^^ with Warren on guitar, Alan on bass (without Keith again), and Matt on percussion)