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SCI On The Road
Follow the link below to learn more about the SCI "On The Road" CD project. I am the executive producer/project manager for this series of live concert releases. Each show is available for sale approximately 3 days after the show.

SCI Fidelity is releasing virtually every new show as a limited edition LIVE 3-CD Soundboard/Matrix recording.   read more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
My name is Larry Fox. I'm originally from New York, and went to college at Brown University and grad school at Cornell University. As you'll see from this web site, my passion in life is LIVE MUSIC. I've been taping and collecting live music recordings since 1976, and the majority of the content of this web site is related to this "hobby". While I was in grad school, I taught myself how to program personal computers by attempting to catalog my cassette collection. The database that I started building back then has been adapted and transformed into the "Analog Tape" section that you see before you. In fact, several of the entries in my database go all the way back to the dBase II database that I built back in 1982! Over the years from 1982 through 1997, I worked as a computer software developer for Humana, Seisdata Services, BFI, Advantage Management Systems, and finally became my own boss from 1997-2002 as President of Rapid Business Solutions, a small Houston-based custom software & application development company. Since June 2003, I've been working for SCI Fidelity Records, the record company for the String Cheese Incident. I am the executive producer and project manager of the "On The Road" series of live concert recordings. I spent 15 months living in Boulder working full-time for SCI-Fidelity, but now I back home in Houston working for SCI-Fi on an as-needed basis. I currently work as a full-time computer programmer for Boardwalk Pipeline based here in Houston.  
Who are your favorite musicians or groups?
When I was in High School, my favorite bands were Jethro Tull and Traffic. From 1977 through 1995, my favorite band was the Grateful Dead. I attended approximately 130 Dead concerts between May 14, 1978, my first show, and May 21, 1995, my last. Other favorites included Traffic, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, David Bromberg, Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, Allman Brothers, and various bluegrass and jazz bands. Since 1998, my main musical passion has been the String Cheese Incident. In addition to SCI, current favorites include "Railroad Earth", "New Monsoon", "Yonder Mountain String Band", "Hanuman", "David Nelson Band", and any band with Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, or Peter Rowan.  
How many CDs and Cassettes do you have?
I have roughly 4000+ live cassette tapes, 3000+ Store-bought commercial CDs, and approximately 4000+ shows of live CDs. I actually started collecting live music on 8-track!  
What happened to the list of TOP SHOWS?
It's still here, just tucked away in a place that you might miss it if you don't look hard enough. The 'top shows' list is on the SCI POSTERS tab, on the left side of the page, towards the bottom.  
What software do you use to make those CD covers, and how long does it take you to make each cover?
I use Adaptec Easy-CD Creator 3 software to create the CD covers. They are converted to PDF format by using the Adobe Acrobat software program (the full retail program, not the free 'reader' program). I tried using the newer versions of this software, now marketed by Roxio, but quite frankly, the new software stinks. To make matters worse, the old software won't work with the new operating systems, so I have to keep a Windows NT4 computer around in order to run the Easy CD3 software. Those of you who've seen the on-disc CD Labels that I print (the stick-on labels that go on the discs themselves), will probably be interested to know that those labels are the NEATO 2-up CD Labels ( Surprise, surprise, I have to use the OLD version of the Neato CD-Face software, since the "new, improved" version doesn't work nearly as good as the old version. And the old version of the Neato software won't work on the new operating systems either, so I basically dedicate one computer to cd covers and cd labels! Isn't it funny how sometimes the new versions of certain software products sometimes aren't nearly as good or as easy to use as the old versions?!! Anyway, it takes me between 30 minutes and 2 hours to make some of these cd covers, depending on how "inspired" I get, and how easily it is to find and complile the information and the photographs.  
What's the story with "The String Cheese Incident"
One statement describes them best, FUNKALATINOAFROJAZZADELIC BLUEGRASS! Follow this link for more info...   read more...
How did you build this website?
This web site is built with Microsoft's newest tools for Internet development, the .NET (dot-net) environment.  
Can I get some music from you? Can I buy these CDs from you?
None of the music you see on this web site is for sale. NONE. Please do not ask! Unfortunately, I just don't have time to trade.  
How did you end up in Houston?
After spending two chilling years in upstate New York at Cornell Business School, I decided that it was time to head west, and head south to somewhere that the "climate suits my clothes". I moved to Houston for an internship with Humana Hospital in Houston, and ended up living there the past 33 years. I spent 15 months living in Boulder Colorado 2003-2004, and moved back home to Houston for good September 2004. I hope to get back to the Boulder area one of these days for good!  
Do you have any other hobbies?
Besides my passion for music, I'm an amateur photographer, computer buff, coin & stamp collector. I really love the beach, the pool, and hot tub, and can usually be found with a smile on my face when sitting by the pool! Oh, yeah, and we love cats, and really miss our 5 dearly departed cats, Grover, Stella Blue, Isis, Trixie, and Nershi! No cats in the house right now :(  
Is there any music on this web site that I can download?
There's music all over the internet. Purchase music on ! If you want free live music, check out for the Live Music Archive!  
Of all those concerts you've seen, which ones stand out as the best?
This is tough to answer, because I've seen so many great concerts. But here are the ones that stand out 1. Grateful Dead 9/26/81 Buffalo NY ; 2. Grateful Dead 11/3/84 Berkeley Community Theatre; 3. Grateful Dead 9/6/80 Lewiston Maine; 4. David Crosby/Graham Nash, Summer 1986 at Rockefeller's - the night that David Crosby was released from jail; 5. String Cheese Incident 5/5/00 at the Saenger in New Orleans with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones; 6. String Cheese Incident 11/17/00 at the Tabenacle in Atlanta; 7. Cryptical Development NYE Concert 12/31/98 with Ratdog, Planet Drum, Hot Tuna, and the String Cheese Incident; 8. Hanuman 10/31/01 at Diverse Works, and 9. Hanuman 3/15/02 at the Last Concert Cafe; 10. Traffic 6/94 at the Woodlands Pavilion. But honestly, there were many great concerts, these just were the most memorable.  
If you're stuck on a deserted island, which ONE recording from your collection would you want?
This is a remarkably easy one to answer. Without a doubt, it would be the Grateful Dead, 2/5/78 from Cedar Falls Iowa. The second set Scarlet Begonias/Fire On The Mountain jam is probably the single best piece of music in my collection. I searched for 20 years to find a soundboard copy of this show, after first being exposed to this recording in the summer of 1978. In fact, this show was my FIRST "dead bootleg" in my tape collection, and to this day, I've never heard a "Scarlet/Fire" that's better. Finally, after 20 years, the soundboard saw the light of day, and even better, the Dead eventually released this show as part of the Dicks' Picks series of live concert releases. This show was released as DICKS PICKS #18. If you've never heard this show, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up, as it doesn't get any better than this.   read more...
The web site looks nice, have you been doing this for a long time?
Actually, yes. While this web site has been operational since 1999, I actually have some prior experience with the technology that pre-dates the explosion in the internet/world-wide web. From 1985 through 1991, I operated the "Fox Microcomputer Consulting" computer bulletin-board system out of my house. These computer BBS sites were more-or-less the precursor of what you've come to expect from the web. They were accessed by 2400-9600 baud modems, and my BBS was like a small community of mostly-local computer enthusiasts who marveled at the technology of the day, no matter how primitive we now look back on it as.  
Do you have any favorite sports or sports teams?
When I was growing up in NY area, we had season tickets to the NY Rangers hockey team. I was a serious Rangers (hockey) and Mets (baseball) fan. Since 1971, I've been a Miami Dolphins football fan, and to this day, still am. I don't really follow hockey that much any more (living in Texas will do that to you!). I still pull for the Mets whenever I can. I'm not much of a basketball fan, however I pull for the home teams (the Rockets & Comets) whenever I'm watching basketball. To be honest, professional sports doesn't hold the same meaning to me now that all that money has ruined the respective games. Can you believe that Baseball players even THOUGHT about going on strike?  
What's your favorite song(s)?
Uncle John's Band (Grateful Dead), Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith), Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead), City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman - Arlo Guthrie version), Dear Mr. Fantasy (Traffic), Unbroken Chain (Grateful Dead)  
What's the best place you've ever seen a concert?
Georgia Frontiere Pavilion (Sedona, Arizona), Red Rocks (Denver, Colorado), Horning's Hideout (Oregon), Radio City Music Hall (New York City), Greek Theatre (Berkeley), and the KINDEST venue of them all, the Last Concert Cafe (Houston)!